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sGE: Minun Family

Minun 52+3 || Bach server || Providence faction || SEA Granado Espada

This blog contains R18 NSFW artwork: ♂♥♂ | ♀♥♀ | ♂♥♀
If you are not comfortable with viewing such content, or not of legal age, I wish that you exit this site.

Tags: Art ( PG13 | R18 ) | 30 Day Challenge
Nov 26 '13

I was going through some old papers trying to find certain OC-concept sketches and I found these two…

My application to the faction Les on Rembrandt years ago (I had some of the best times in GE in that faction!) and some costume-concept of Veronif I never continued on. I think it was supposed to be loosely based on the Byron guard outfits.

That said I’ll stop posting to this blog, and any future GE-related things will be posted on my personal blog zweisss since I play GE below even ‘casual’ level now. The new interesting looking rnpc end up in Lyndon box either way.

Nov 24 '13

Conflict 3
im trying so hard to make dat JD expression


Conflict 3

im trying so hard to make dat JD expression

Oct 22 '13

Imagine this


You’re in a raid and everything is working fine. Your tank is doing really great and then all of a sudden..



Oct 11 '13

Rose the Spirit makeup

I think her makeup is really pretty so I tried to recreate it.. somewhat….. somehow. ;;;; I friggin even concealed half my eyebrows to make them smaller like hers.

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Aug 2 '13

So winners of the loading screen contest, did you get your stuff yet?
There was no mention of when.. and I haven’t seen or heard anything of it.

Didn’t even think I’d win but ah, it was nice. And grats to the others too!

Jul 5 '13

Did the intermediate difficulty of Adriana’s mission, solo. Couldn’t find people for the Expert one at this hour and I’m going on a 26 hour trip back home in like 5 hours. :I

Used Lionel (Punisher) + Musk (OS) + Emilia (I don’t have a scout armor to use daggers on scout for dps…) and it took me about 30min on pure spacebar for everything.

  • 2 colonies, one on the right bridge (looking on the overhead map) and one at the entrance of stonepit.
  • 1 Necro Shaman (UD) at each colony.
  • The mobs around are Dullahans (LL)/Werewolves (WL)/Werebears (WL) with AR/DR of 57-62.


I got a meager 5 vet cards for the effort… ’ o ‘

Jun 29 '13

So all the screenshots that I took, some even together with Turkis, are ‘damaged’ or whatever so I can’t even open them. Will have to wait further until I’m back home at desktop…

Eitherway, been doing the Kielce scenario. Done with Grace and Selva, doing rep-quest for Jack and moved onto Raven’s sidequest to even start his/Gavin’s Hero.

My Raven is master but Gavin is only vet, getting to Lucifer will be uh….. I saved their questline for last though because I heard I’ll have alot of fun as fujoshi? Which means I’ll have to read the dialouge. :3c

Also, mother of something, why is Friede 1b++ on Bach?? Holy crap. I…. I got really lucky that my friend sold him for half of that..

Jun 27 '13



screenies will have to wait

Jun 27 '13



but it’s so early in the morning no one is up and then there’s maintenance so it’ll take forever until I get to buy his card hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

Jun 25 '13

There’s a loading screen contest..? Ok. Time to resubmit the old things lol. Maybe make new ones but PS crashes every 10min on laptop and I’m abroad.

I’m still a CC? Holyyyyy…

So will we get Friede soon then? He’s the only reason I have vis saved up.